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Reviews of

Beneath Juliette:


“This is the most powerful and subtle, humorous and wonderful debut novel I have read in decades.” -- Clyde Mitchal, Youngstown Reviews


“I’m very impressed with Beneath Juliette. This is a fine writer and the characters really come alive, especially the villain.” -- Charles Salzberg, author of “Swan’s Last Song”


“What can I say? I read straight through Beneath Juliette in two days! Your novel shines with elegance, insight, and texture. Breathtaking!” -- Robert Middlemiss – author of “A Common Glory



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Beneath Juliette is a gripping tale of crime, obsession and one man's search for the truth. It is a story of personal courage against monumental obstacles and of lost love.


Twenty years ago an obscure policeman in a small rural town dies under mysterious circumstances. Today a television reporter, Brendan Macbean, locally famous for his quirky human interest stories becomes obsessed with rooting out the truth. He runs afoul of a rich and powerful family who will use their ruthless methods to keep their secrets buried.


Macbean must make a pact with a condemned murderer and must convince him to tell all he knows before lethal injection silences him forever.


Battling against subterfuge, intimidation and extreme violence, Macbean uncovers one shocking revelation after another in his relentless quest to bring the truth to light.


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Make a Death Wish Who is killing the great swindlers of Wall Street? Local TV reporter, Brendan Macbean tries to track down prominent swindlers who absconded with billions of investors dollars but have dropped out of sight into federal prisons or witness protection. A certain notorious crime boss is also hot on their trail bent on recovering his money and ultimate revenge.


In his investigation, Macbean encounters a shadowy rogue operative working within the Justice Department with motives of his own and walking a tightrope between revenge and justice, good and evil.


Dodging ruthless thieves and organized crime, Macbean’s quest takes him to exotic locations in the world, where he uncovers a mysterious clinic, complete with an unscrupulous scientist who lures wealthy and terminally ill patients, but where the only inevitable outcome is death.


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About The Author




John Wilsterman finished a successful career with IBM and has now turned his hand to novel writing. Mr. Wilsterman makes a spectacular debut with Beneath Juliette, a novel set in the South, with all the strange and wonderful characters, places and stories he’s encountered.


Mr. Wilsterman is married and has two grown children, Kira and Luke, and is now working on a new novel. He lives with his wife, Jean, near Atlanta.