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Beneath Juliette:


“This is the most powerful and subtle, humorous and wonderful debut novel I have read in decades.” -- Clyde Mitchal, Youngstown Reviews


“I’m very impressed with Beneath Juliette. This is a fine writer and the characters really come alive, especially the villain.” -- Charles Salzberg, author of “Swan’s Last Song”


“What can I say? I read straight through Beneath Juliette in two days! Your novel shines with elegance, insight, and texture. Breathtaking!” -- Robert Middlemiss – author of “A Common Glory





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John Wilsterman finished a successful career with IBM and has now turned his hand to novel writing. Mr. Wilsterman makes a spectacular debut with Beneath Juliette, a novel set in the South, with all the strange and wonderful characters, places and stories he’s encountered. Mr. Wilsterman is married and has two grown children, Kira and Luke, and is now working on a new novel. He lives with his wife, Jean, near Atlanta.