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Reviews of

Beneath Juliette:


�This is the most powerful and subtle, humorous and wonderful debut novel I have read in decades.� -- Clyde Mitchal, Youngstown Reviews


�I�m very impressed with Beneath Juliette. This is a fine writer and the characters really come alive, especially the villain.� -- Charles Salzberg, author of �Swan�s Last Song�


�What can I say? I read straight through Beneath Juliette in two days! Your novel shines with elegance, insight, and texture. Breathtaking!� -- Robert Middlemiss � author of �A Common Glory




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About The Author




John Wilsterman finished a successful career with IBM and has now turned his hand to novel writing. Mr. Wilsterman makes a spectacular debut with Beneath Juliette, a novel set in the South, with all the strange and wonderful characters, places and stories he�s encountered. Mr. Wilsterman is married and has two grown children, Kira and Luke, and is now working on a new novel. He lives with his wife, Jean, near of Atlanta.