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Author John Wilsterman was born in Tallmadge, Ohio. He moved to Atlanta, Georgia after graduating from Kent State University.

Pursuing a career and raising a family effectively put his writing career on hold for a while. After many years and a successful career with IBM, he turned his hand to novel writing.

Beneath Juliette

A gripping tale of crime, obsession and one man's search for the truth. It is a story of personal courage against monumental obstacles and of lost love.

Twenty years ago, an obscure policeman in a small rural town dies under mysterious circumstances. Today an Atlanta TV reporter, Brendan Macbean, locally famous for his quirky human interest stories become obsessed with rooting out the truth. He runs afoul of a rich and powerful family who want to keep their secrets… just that, secret. Then he finds a man on death row, awaiting execution who seems to have close ties with the rural policeman. Will he tell Macbean what he knows or will the executioner’s needle silence him forever?
Beneath Juliette by John Wilsterman Front Cover

“This is the most powerful and subtle, humorous and wonderful debut novel I have read in decades.”

Clyde Mitchal, Youngstown Reviews

“I’m very impressed with Beneath Juliette. This is a fine writer and the characters really come alive, especially the villain.”

Charles Salzberg, author of “Swan’s Last Song"

“What can I say? I read straight through Beneath Juliette in two days! Your novel shines with elegance, insight, and texture. Breathtaking!”

Robert Middlemiss – author of “A Common Glory"

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Next to Life Itself

John Wilsterman

Redemption is never simple. Neither is piecing together your shattered life, nor reaching out to a lost love. What if your attempt becomes a life and death struggle or a race against time or worse, summons demons from the past you thought you had buried and left behind years ago?

Harris Neck Dead

John Wilsterman

Badly in need of a makeover, Brendan Macbean finds himself out of a job, lonely and wallowing in his own self-pity. A friend notices his funk and offers his weekend cottage on the Georgia Coast as a place where Macbean can relax, reassemble himself and, this time, get his head on straight.