Harris Neck Dead

Harris Neck Dead by John Wilsterman
Badly in need of a makeover, Brendan Macbean finds himself out of a job, lonely and wallowing in his own self-pity. A friend notices his funk and offers his weekend cottage on the Georgia Coast as a place where Macbean can relax, reassemble himself and, this time, get his head on straight.
With some misgivings, Macbean heads for a remote part of the Georgia coast. There he finds the peace and quiet he needs to sort out his life. Besides the natural beauty and the serenity of watching the birds and butterflies, Macbean runs into the unique folk who live there, a place where the smugglers and pirates used to roam… and he discovers that all the buccaneers didn’t exactly go down with their ships.
Despite vowing to keep a low profile, he’s latched onto by the “prettiest girl in town” known to be the girlfriend of the “worst badass in a hundred miles” and unintentionally finds himself up to his ears in unraveling a mysterious attack on a coastal patrol boat.
The locals aren’t exactly thrilled about this big-city dude coming here and stirring up all this commotion. Macbean is determined to set it all to rights, but he is finding it may be harder to stay alive than falling prey to ‘Harris Neck Dead.’