Next to Life Itself

Next to Life Itself by John Wilsterman
Redemption is never simple. Neither is piecing together your shattered life, nor reaching out to a lost love. What if your attempt becomes a life and death struggle or a race against time or worse, summons demons from the past you thought you had buried and left behind years ago? 
After the collapse of his giant corporation, disgraced CFO Wylie Schram chose witness protection rather than spend the rest of his life in a federal prison.
He leaves behind the love of his life, Denise Oliver, who thinks Wylie died in a car crash. After four years of utter loneliness, he attempts to contact her, hoping somehow they could reunite.
A ruthless racketeer, Bogdan Vladoseev has been laying low waiting for Schram to resurface. And because Schram stole a billion dollars from him, he will stop at nothing to find him.
Out of work TV reporter Brendan Macbean, lonely and depressed about approaching middle age is offered a chance to work with the most beautiful woman in television. On the eve of his spectacular comeback an old flame shows up and begs Macbean to help her in her own deadly race against time.
“Next to Life Itself is like no other novel out there… enough action and suspense, twists, and turns for anyone! An exquisite blend of drama and excitement from an author who seems to understand how we humans tick.”
 John Wilsterman has done it again.
Bronte Reviews